About the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is the ancient practice of many cultures, from First Nations peoples through the descendants of Gaelic Druids, Goddesses, and in one way or another, nearly all spiritualities.  All life is a circular pattern, woven through each living being: plants, animals, trees, places, water, stone, and fire.  Each of these is interwoven with the others, so that what each of us does ripples out to touch all of the others.  We are all responsible for all things.  We are here to share, learn,and grow. 
I offer my  studies and theories out to all those interested in developing a caring life practice for themselves.  I do not seek to preach that "my" way is best, merely to lay down what I believe for others to view, then make their own choices.  I feel that sharing knowledge is key to growth, harmony,  even peace.   
I have studied history, spirituality, nature, & the quadrivium for some 30 years now.  I base my offerings on these studies, as well as life knowledge gathered in day by day.  I seek a simple life, close to the earth, a stewardship of all I touch , and these gifts are what I will share with you.  Come in, sit, and be welcome at my hearth.  Take what you need.